Pupil Labs Neon Invisible Core VR/AR


Pupil Labs Neon Invisible Core VR/AR

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Neon Module

7 g
W: 40mm
H: 35mm
D: 10mm

Neon Module with Just Act Natural Frame

53 g
W: 143mm
H: 52mm
D: 164mm


Performance EvaluationAccuracy expected to be better than Pupil Invisible. Full performance evaluation is estimated to be published Q2 2023.
Eye Tracking TechnologyReal time neural network
Binocular Eye trackingYes
Slippage CompensationSlippage invariant. Deep learning powered.
Scene Camera FOV1600 x 1200 @30Hz
. H: 132°, V: 81°
Eye Camera2 IR Eye Cameras
192 x 192 @200 Hz
Sampling Frequency120Hz in real-time on Companion Device; 200Hz post-hoc after data uploaded to Pupil Cloud
IMUAccelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope.
MicrophoneStereo Microphones
Battery Recording TimeOver 3.5 hours
Computing DeviceOnePlus 8/8T
Real-time DataGaze data: x, y coordinates in scene camera space at 120 Hz.
Post-hoc DataGaze data at 200 Hz, Blink & fixation detection, Pupillometry and eye state (Q2/Q3 2023).
Frame MaterialPA12 Nylon
Lens Material

Plano CR-39 Anti-Scratch UV filter, Anti-Reflective, Dust and water repelling coating.


Pupil Invisible 

Gaze Data
FormatNormalized 2d gaze positions.
Frequency200Hz after upload to Pupil Cloud. 66Hz on Companion Device.

Eye Cameras200Hz @ 192x192px IR illumination
Scene CameraDetachable scene camera. 30Hz @ 1088 x 1080px 82°x82° FOV. Square aspect ratio covers full field of view.
AudioMicrophone included in scene camera.
IMUGyroscope and Accelerometer @200Hz.
RecordingGaze data, videos, user input data.
Real-Time Streaming
Real-Time StreamingGaze data at 66Hz and world video.
Physical Properties
Frame MaterialPA12 Nylon
LensesCR-39 Anti-Scratch UV Filter Anti-Reflective Dust and water repelling coating
Weight46.9 g
Prescription Lenses
Lens KitGet the accessory prescription lens kit. Ships with -3 to +3 diopter lenses in 0.5 steps.
Custom LensesIf you need custom lenses, you can take Pupil Invisible glasses to your optometrist to get custom lenses just like normal glasses frames. The frame can accomodate up to -8/+8 diopter.
Mobile Recording Unit
FunctionalityProvides power, storage, network streaming, and neural network computation for gaze estimation.
SoftwarePupil Invisible Companion App – download for free on PlayStore.
Recording Duration150 minutes recording time. 8 hours of recording storage.
Compatible DevicesShips with OnePlus 8. Also compatible with OnePlus 6.

Upload recordings to pupil cloud (opt-in).


Pupil Core 

Sample Rate200 Hz
Eye tracking techniqueDark pupil with 3D model
Calibration procedure9-point and 5-point
Slippage compensationYes, 3D eye tracking model
Pupil measurement

Relative size in eye camera pixels + absolute size in mm through 3d eye model


Add awareness to your VR/AR experience. 


HTC Vive

Binocular Add-on

HTC Vive, Vive PRO 또는 Vive Cosmos VR 헤드셋에 쌍안경 아이 트래킹을 추가하세요. 쌍안경 200Hz 안구 추적 카메라, IR 일루미네이터가 있는 클립온 부착 링 및 USB 커넥터 클립을 포함합니다. 도구가 필요하지 않습니다! 



Binocular Mount Add-on

Epson Moverio BT-300용 쌍안 카메라 마운트 및 월드 카메라 마운트. USBC 클립, 2 x 200Hz 아이 카메라 및 1 x 고속 월드 카메라와 함께 제공됩니다. 



Binocular Add-on

Microsoft HoloLens AR 헤드셋에 쌍안경 아이 트래킹을 추가하세요. 쌍안경 200Hz 아이 트래킹 카메라, 고속 세계 카메라, 부착 마운트의 클립 및 USB 커넥터 클립을 포함합니다.