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Pupil Labs


Eye tracking for research and beyond.

Pupil Labs are working hard to make eye tracking easy.

Their goal is to accelerate the development of eye tracking for real-world challenges so that any researcher or entrepreneur can just add eye tracking to their next study, prototype, or product.
Neon is designed to power scientific research and enable applications beyond the possibilities of today.

Neon removes barriers traditionally associated with eye tracking. It’s easy to use: no setup, no calibration. NeonNet, the deep learning gaze estimation pipeline, provides you with unprecedented data quality even in the most demanding conditions. The software is built for everyone from no-code to pro-code users.

The Neon Module is all the eye tracking hardware you need in a small package.

High speed eye cameras, wide angle scene camera, stereo microphones, and IMU all encased in water resistant silicone. The modular design enables a wide variety of frame shapes, sizes, and styles specific to your research needs.
Neon Module

7 g
W: 40mm
H: 35mm
D: 10mm

Neon Module with Just Act Natural Frame

53 g
W: 143mm
H: 52mm
D: 164mm

Technical Specs & Performance

Eye Tracking Technology Real time neural network
Binocular Eye tracking Yes
Slippage Compensation Slippage invariant. Deep learning powered.
Scene Camera FOV 1600 x 1200 @30Hz. H: 132°, V: 81°
Eye Camera 2 IR Eye Cameras 192 x 192 @200 Hz
Sampling Frequency 120Hz in real-time on Companion Device; 200Hz post-hoc after data uploaded to Pupil Cloud
IMU Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope.
Microphone Stereo Microphones
Calibration Calibration-free
Battery Recording Time Over 3.5 hours
Cable USB-C
Computing Device OnePlus 8/8T
Real-time Data Gaze data: x, y coordinates in scene camera space at 120 Hz.
Post-hoc Data Gaze data at 200 Hz, Blink & fixation detection, Pupillometry and eye state (Q2/Q3 2023).
Frame Material PA12 Nylon
Lens Material Plano CR-39 Anti-Scratch UV filter, Anti-Reflective, Dust and water repelling coating.

Pupil Invisible

No adjustments, no calibrations, instant insight.

With Pupil Invisible we have developed a new approach to mobile eye tracking that is powered by a novel end-to-end gaze estimation pipeline.
You can put on the glasses and you will get gaze data immediately.
  • Wear
    Put on the glasses and launch the Invisible Companion app.
  • Capture
    Observe real-time gaze behavior, record, and upload securely to the cloud.
  • Analyze
    Enrich your data in Pupil Cloud, and gain deep insights into human behavior.
  • Works in all environments
    Traditional eye tracking approaches fail in bright sunlight. Pupil Invisible provides robust gaze estimation in any environment!
  • Never lose track
    Take the glasses on and off, just like you would a normal pair of glasses. No calibration required! Our deep learning powered gaze estimation pipeline provides you with high quality gaze data regardless of how much you move. We have also integrated an IMU into the frame, so that you can keep track of head movements.
  • Convenient by design
    A wide angle camera records your full field of view. An integrated microphone can capture audio. We recognize that you might not always want or need an outward facing camera. That is why we have designed the entire scene camera to be quickly and easily detached/re-attached via magnetic connection.
  • Swappable lenses
    You can easily pop in/out lenses with different prescriptions and shades. The glasses can accommodate prescription lenses from -8 to +8 diopter.

Technical Specs & Performance

Gaze Data Format Normalized 2d gaze positions. Frequency 200Hz after upload to Pupil Cloud.
120Hz on Companion Device.
Calibration None
Sensors Eye Cameras 200Hz @ 192x192px IR illumination Scene Camera Detachable scene camera.
30Hz @ 1088 x 1080px
82°x82° FOV. Square aspect ratio covers full field of view.
Audio Microphone included in scene camera. IMU Gyroscope and Accelerometer @200Hz.
Recording Gaze data, videos, user input data.
Real-Time Streaming Gaze data at 120Hz and world video.
Technical Report 'A High-Level Description and Performance Evaluation of Pupil Invisible' (2020-09-01)
Physical Properties Frame PA12 Nylon Lenses CR-39 Anti-Scratch UV Filter
Dust and water repelling coating
Weight 46.9 g
Prescription Lenses Lens Kit Get the accessory prescription lens kit. Ships with -3 to +3 diopter lenses in 0.5 steps. Custom Lenses If you need custom lenses, you can take Pupil Invisible glasses to your optometrist to get custom lenses just like normal glasses frames. The frame can accomodate up to -8/+8 diopter.
Machine Learning Environment Robust for all environments Demographics Works on the majority of people
Slippage Compensation Slippage invariant.
Mobile Recording Unit Functionality Provides power, storage, network streaming, and neural network computation for gaze estimation. Software Pupil Invisible Companion App - download for free on PlayStore.
Recording Duration 150 minutes recording time. 8 hours of recording storage. Compatible Devices Ships with OnePlus 8. Also compatible with OnePlus 6.
Additional Recording Unit Use a second mobile recording unit while the first is charging and uploading recordings to Pupil Cloud. See accessories.
Cloud Upload recordings to pupil cloud (opt-in).

What's in the box

Pupil Invisible glasses

OnePlus 8 Android phone. Power adaptor for charging. Note: EU plug type.
(Invisible Companion app is not pre-installed)

Traveling case for secure storage and transport of glasses and phone.

USB-C to USB-C cable

Shaded lenses and clear lenses

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth

Pupil Core

  • Capture Record
    Connect your Pupil Core headset to a desktop or laptop. View and record real-time gaze and pupil data. Interface with other devices with our network based API.
  • Player Play
    Drag and drop your recordings into Pupil Player. Build rich visualizations of gaze on first-person video. Enrich your data with analysis plugins. Export raw data and enriched data for further analysis.

Open and accessible.

Pupil Core is an eye tracking platform that is comprised of an open source software suite and a wearable eye tracking headset. Pupil Core is more than just a product, it is an open platform used by a global community of researchers. Venture into new areas of inquiry.


  • W: 160mm x H: 51mm

  • W: 175mm x H: 51mm

Technical Specs & Performance

Gaze Accuracy Accuracy 0.60° Precision 0.02
Pupil Tracking Dark pupil with 3D model
Pupil Parameters 2D position
3D eye model parameters
Gaze Parameters 2D Gaze Normalized 2D gaze position 3D Gaze 3D gaze rays + 3D gaze point through binocular vergence
Pupil Diameter Relative size in eye camera pixels.
Absolute size in mm through 3D eye model
Calibration 5 point calibration. Multiple calibration methods available. See documentation
Sampling Frequency Eye Camera 200Hz @ 192x192px World Camera 30Hz@1080p
Latency Camera Latency 8.5ms Processing Latency Depending on CPU
typically > 3ms
Slippage Compensation Yes, through 3D eye model
Recording Pupil and gaze and user data
Raw eye and world video
Connectivity Pupil Core headsets connect via USB to your laptop or desktop computer running Pupil Core software. Pupil Capture desktop app enables data capture, recording, and real-time data relay via WiFi or LAN.
Please see network API documentation for more info.
Physical Properties Material PA12 Nylon Weight 22.75g
Scene Camera FOV Wide Angle Lens (Default) 1080p: 139°x83°
720p: 99°x53°
480p: 100°x74°
Narrow Angle Lens 1080p: 88°x54°
720p: 63°x37°
480p: 42°x32°
Sample Recording Download sample recording
Desktop Software Pupil Capture: real time application
Pupil Player: post-hoc visualization and analysis.
Download latest desktop software

What's in the box

Pupil Core Headset

USB-C to USB-A cable

Eye camera arm extenders

Silicone nose pads to accommodate a variety of wearers

Additional world camera lenses
(depending on configuration)


Add awareness to
your VR/AR experience.

Integrate and react.
  • HTC Vive

    Binocular Add-on
    Add binocular eye tracking to your HTC Vive, Vive PRO, or Vive Cosmos VR headset. Includes binocular 200Hz eye tracking cameras, clip-on attachment rings with IR illuminators and USB connector clip. No tools required!
  • Epson

    Binocular Mount Add-on
    Binocular camera mounts for Epson Moverio BT-300 and world camera mount. Ships with USBC clip, 2 x 200Hz eye cameras, and 1 x high speed world camera.
  • HoloLens

    Binocular Add-on
    Add binocular eye tracking to your Microsoft HoloLens AR headset. Includes binocular 200Hz eye tracking cameras, high speed world camera, clip on attachment mounts, and USB connector clip.

Technical Specs & Performance

Basic Capabilities Mono | Stereo Both, depending on desired setup Tracking Frequency 200Hz
Field Of View HTC Vive / Vive Pro: up to HMD limits. Epson BT-300: greater than 100° Gaze Accuracy ~1.0°
Gaze Precision ~0.08°
Latency Camera Latency 8.5ms Processing Latency 3-4ms on i5 CPU
Imaging Resolution 192x192 Connection USB 2.0
Saturation Interconnected bandwidth USB 2.0 -60% saturation
Data Output Combined Eye Gaze Yes Independent Eye Gaze Yes -1 gaze point per eye
Pupil Position Yes Pupil Diameter Yes - units in pixels using 2D appearance, units in mm using 3D model
Velocity | Acceleration Can be implemented if desired Eye Accomodation Yes, using binocular vergence
Calibration Method 5 point
Power | Performance | Memory Host CPU % Utilization 50% of one core per eye
Connectivity SDK Through network message based API Plugin For Game Engine Reference plugin implementation for Unity3D
Reference plugin official Vizard 6 plugin
Sample Recordings Unity3D Scene Download sample recording Spherical Image Download sample recording

What's in the box

Eye cameras add-on for your VR/AR HMD
(No tools required to connect to your VR/AR HMD)

USB-C to USB-A cable

Scene camera for some AR add-ons
(check product description)