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Terabee sensor

People Counting

Transform the movement of people into valuable and actionable data for occupancy monitoring, smart building management and social distancing management.
Our 3D Time-of-Flight technology is GDPR-compliant by design and works in all lighting conditions, even complete darkness. It offers accurate people counting at an incomparable performance to price ratio.
  • Occupancy and density management

  • Work zone & restricted area control

  • Heat, ventilation and air conditioning optimization

  • Terabee People Counting L-XL

    GDPR compliant people counting device.
    Optimize value and reduce costs from your retail operation, smart building or office space
  • TeraRanger Evo People Counter

    Low-cost sensor module for system integrators
  • Terabee People Counting M

    Get real-time people counting data for single doorways and narrow corridors
  • Power Supply 5 V for Terabee People Counting M

    Power Supply 5 V for Terabee People Counting M

Level MonitCoring

Benefit from continuous fill level measurements of solid, powder and liquid materials using Terabee’s optical Time-of-Flight technology.
Enable real-time, accurate and remote level data monitoring - directly from your silos, tanks, vats and more!
  • Animal feed & grain level monitoring for agriculture

  • Milk and dairy produce level measurements

  • Water and rain-water levels in water treatment networks

  • Smart waste management and recycling

  • Fuel tank and pellet monitoring for energy distributors

  • Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL (ES)

    Dispositivo de monitoreo de nivel con baterías, LoRaWAN, LED ToF, hasta 60m
  • Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL (FR)

    Alimenté par batterie, LoRaWAN, LED ToF, jusqu'à 60 m
  • Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL (DE)

    Batteriebetrieben, LoRaWAN, LED ToF, bis zu 60m
  • Terabee Stock Level Monitoring System (ES)

    ¡Tecnología óptica ToF de medición de volumen a distancia y multi-nivel!

Industrial Automation

Rugged, industrial-grade sensors for movement detection, distance measurement, threshold-based switching outputs, temperature monitoring and more...
  • Intelligent, long-range distance sensors

  • Machine vision 3D camera technology

  • Low-cost thermal imaging sensors for heat-based process monitoring and protection of hazardous materials

  • Heatsink for Terabee 3Dcam VGA

    Aluminium accessory to provide surface temperature reduction of the Terabee 3Dcam VGA
  • Terabee 3Dcam VGA

    Versatile, lightest, smallest and most affordable industrial-grade ToF depth camera in its class
  • Terabee IND-Thermal-90

    Lightweight and compact industrial-grade thermal camera
  • Terabee IND-TOF-1

    ToF distance sensor, 12.5m, IP65, RS485, NO/NC (0-24V)

Mobile robotics

Build safe and secure robots for industrial and logistics applications.
From sensors to control systems and integration, our sensors and expertise will accelerate your projects.
  • Indoor navigation and collision avoidance

  • Positioning systems for GPS-denied environments

  • Follow-me system for AGVs and mobile platforms

  • Cobotics and man-machine interfaces

  • Terabee Robot Positioning System

    Improve localization and navigation with Terabee radio-frequency relative positioning
  • Terabee Follow-Me

    Radio-frequency relative positioning system

Sensor Modules for Integration

Terabee develops and manufactures a wide range of sensor modules, including 2D infrared LED Time-of-Flight distance sensors, 3D Time-of-Flight depth cameras, and thermal cameras.
Our products are easy to use, compact, lightweight and offer great performance right out of the box!
  • TeraRanger Evo 3m

    Close-range ToF distance sensor
  • TeraRanger Evo 15m

    Medium-range ToF distance sensor (15m)
  • TeraRanger Evo 40m

    Long-range ToF distance sensor (40m)
  • TeraRanger Evo 60m

    Extra Long-range ToF distance sensor (60m)

Covid-19 mitigation applications

Safeguard human health, protect jobs and assist with the economic recovery.
Table has responded to the global pandemic transforming its technology into solutions for:
Contactless & automated screening to identify people with fever
  • People density control for defined areas & buildings

  • Workplace distancing & encounter tracking

  • Social distance monitoring for queues of people

  • Contactless Interfaces for safe human to machine interaction

  • Terabee Fever Screening Mirrorm

    Fast screening for fever detection
  • TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus

    Detect people movement, trigger actions based on proximity, understand customer engagement and perform touchless gesture recognition with one compact ToF sensor
  • Terabee Proximeter

    Give your staff the tools to work in proximity to others whilst maintaining safe distances.
  • Terabee People Density Calculator

    Ensure the people density of shops, buildings and other defined indoor areas remains at a level where social distancing measures can be maintained

Smart Retail

Build smart retail applications that transform customer behavior and interaction into valuable digital data that can be leveraged to improve in-store experiences, content automation, goods availability, and restocking operations:
  • Content automation for digital signage based on visitor behaviorings

  • Audience measurement

  • Smart, real-time stock monitoring at Point of Sale displays

  • Presence and gesture recognition for interactive displays and kiosks

  • TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus

    Detect people movement, trigger actions based on proximity, measure customer engagement and perform touchless gesture recognition.
    Evo Swipe Plus does it all in one compact and easy to integrate ToF sensor
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